That moment when I take flight from destiny
When I scatter the leaves of that bough.
Let me investigate the world with a cheerful heart
Ere that we turn into earth for the earth sifters


F4 8

Whether at Naishápúr or Babylon,
Whether the Cup with sweet or bitter run,
The Wine of Life keeps oozing drop by drop,
The Leaves of Life keep falling one by one.

HA 8c

At the moment when I flee from destiny,
And fall like the leaf of the vine, from the branch.

Nic 266

Au moment où je fuirai la mort, où, semblables aux feuilles desséchées, les parcelles de mon corps se détacheront des branches de la vie, oh, alors! avec quelle joie ne passerais-je pas l'univers à travers un crible, avant que le maçon vienne y passer ma propre poussière!

P 614

In the hour when, for doom, of the fugitives I become,
From existence's bough when a shedder of leaves I become,
The world through the sieve, of the joy of my heart, I shall pass,
Ere dust, in my turn, in the scavengers' sieves I become.

Th 352

The moment when at Death's behest I flee.
And like a leaf I fall from Being's tree.
The world in my heart's joy I'll sift away
Ere dustmen in their sieves to dust turn me.

Wh 309

When Khayyam quittance at Death's hand receives,
And sheds his outworn life, as trees their leaves,
Full gladly will he sift this world away,
'Ere dustmen sift his ashes in their sieves.

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