You and I together are like a pair of compasses
Though we make 2 heads we have one body
When we place a point in it is our home
At the end of business we bring our heads together again.


P 544

O soul, like the compasses twain I and you are;
Though one body we have, yet our heads, indeed, two are:
Round the one in the centre still circles the other
Till the twain in the end brought together anew are.

Th 364

You and I to twin compasses compare,
O soul! one body though two heads we bear;
We circle now around a central point
Till we at last again united are.

Wh 323

In these twin compasses, O Love, you see
One body with two heads, like you and me,
Which wander round one center, circlewise,
But at the last in one same point agree.

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