I am not for one day free from the bondage of intellect
Not one breath have I drawn happily from my own existence
Long time I have served an apprenticeship to fate
I am not yet a professor in the business of the world.


Nic 314

Pas un seul jour je ne me sens débarrassé des liens importuns de ce monde; pas un seul instant je ne respire content de mon être. J'ai fait longtemps l'apprentissage des vicissitudes humaines, et je ne suis encore devenu maître ni dans ce qui regarde ce monde, ni dans ce qui concerne l'autre.

P 615

Not a day from the world and its bondage free have I won;
Of existence to breathe not a moment in glee have I won :
Apprenticeship long unto Fortune, indeed, have I served,
Nor in this world nor that yet a master to be have I won.

Th 390

No day from earthly bonds have we been free,
No single moment glad in life to be,
To Fortune long apprenticeship I served
Nor of the other world gained mastery.

Wh 346

Never from worldly toils have I been free,
Never for one short moment glad to be!
I served a long apprenticeship to fate,
But yet of fortune gained no mastery.

Wh 343


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