Enemies in error say that I am a philosopher
God knows that I am not what they say
But since I have come into this nest of woe
In the end less than that, for I do not know who I am


F4 57

Ah, but my Computations, People say,
Reduced the Year to better reckoning?--Nay,
'Twas only striking from the Calendar
Unborn To-morrow and dead Yesterday.

HA 57a

My enemies erroneously have called me a philosopher,
God knows I am not what they have called me;
But, as I have come into this nesting place of sorrow,
In the end I am in a still worse plight, for I know not who I am.

P 619

My foes a philosopher wrongfully swear I am:
God knoweth that nothing of this they declare I am!
Nay, I know not how into this nest of affliction and woe
I came and still less know I how, what and where I am.

Th 391

I am miscalled philosopher by foes,
I am not that which they aver, God knows!
I know not what I am, still less my end
Since I have come into this nest of woes.

Wh 350

My critics call me a philosopher,
But Allah knows full well they greatly err;
I know not even what I am, much less
Why on this earth I am a sojourner!

Wh 343


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