The rose said I have brought a gold scattering hand
Laughing laughing have I brought my head to the world
I have taken the noose off the head of my purse & I am gone
Every ready money that was I fling into the midst


F4 14

Look to the blowing Rose about us--"Lo,
"Laughing," she says, "into the world I blow,
"At once the silken tassel of my Purse
"Tear, and its Treasure on the Garden throw."

HA 14

The rose said: I brought a gold-scattering hand,
Laughing, laughing, have I blown into the world,
I snatched the noose-string from off the head of my purse and I am gone!
I flung into the world all the ready money that I had.

P 608

"The Joseph of Egypt am I," quoth the rose," of the mead.
A ruby of price, with a mouth full of gold, I'm, indeed."
"What Joseph-like token," I questioned her, "hast thou to show?"
And she, "To my coat blood-bedyed," answered, "hast thou no heed?"

Th 395

"I am the garden's Joseph" the rose said,
“A ruby dear, my mouth with gold arrayed."
"What sign of Joseph do you show?" quoth I,
And she, “Tis that with blood my coat is red."

Wh 352

Quoth rose, "I am the Yusuf flower, I swear,
For in my mouth rich golden gems I bear ":
I said, "Show me another proof." Quoth she,
"Behold this blood stained vesture that I wear!"

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