Arise & do not sorrow for this fleeting world
Rest, & go through the world with happy desires
If you had permanence in the nature of the world
The turn of others would not have come to you yourself


F4 23

And we, that now make merry in the Room
They left, and Summer dresses in new bloom,
Ourselves must we beneath the Couch of Earth
Descend--ourselves to make a Couch---for whom?

HA 23a

Arise, and do not sorrow for this fleeting world,
Be at peace, and pass through the world with happiness.
If the nature of the world were constant
The turn of others would not have descended to you yourself.

Nic 325

Lève-toi, laisse-là les soucis de ce monde qui fuit, sois dans l'allégresse, passe gaienient cette vie d'un instant, car si les faveurs du ciel eussent été constantes pour les autres, leur tour de jouissance ne serait pas venu jusqu'à toi.

P 632

Up, fret not thyself for this transient world's despite!
Be merry and spend thou a moment in heart's delight.
In the nature of Fortune if aught of constancy were,
The turn had not come to thee from another wight.

Th 410

Arise! moan not the world's inconstancy!
Be glad an instant, seize joy ere it flee!
In the world's nature if aught constant were
The turn from others had not come to thee.

Wh 366

Lament not fortune's want of constancy,
But up! and seize her favors ere they fee;
If fortune always cleaved to other men,
How could a turn of luck have come to thee?

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