They say concerning wine “Drink less of this
Finally with what excuse do you not withhold your head from this
My excuse is the cheek of my friend & the wine of the moment of dawn
Be just, what excuse (could be) more brilliant than this


Nic 339

On me dit: Bois un peu moins de vin. Quelle raison dones-tu pour n'y point renoncer? La raison que je donne, c'est Ie visage de mon ami, c'est Ie vin du matin. Sois juste, et dis-moi s'il est possible de donner une raison plus lumineuse.

P 640

"Drink less," they bid me again and again, "than this :
Nay, what 's thine excuse that thou dost not abstain from this?"
My excuse is the cheek of the Friend and the morning-draught:
Come, tell but the truth: what excuse is more plain than this?

Th 422

They bid me less than this the wine-cup use;
“Nay, why dost thou not wholly wine refuse?"
It is my love's face and the morning draught.
Be just, could there be a more clear excuse?

Wh 378

The people say, "Why not drink somewhat less?
What reasons have you for such great excess? "
First, my Love's face, second, my morning draught;
Can there be clearer reasons, now confess?

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