It is an honour to be conspicuous with a name of honour
It is a shame to be afflicted about the revolutions of the sky
To be chipping with the smell of the water of grapes
Is better than to be proud of ones own zealotry


Chr 111

It is a disgrace to be known as a man of good name
It is shameful to grieve at the tyranny of the wheel of fate.
To be drunk with the flavour of the grape-juice is better
than to pride oneself on an ascetic life.

Nic 345

Oui, il est beau de jouir d'une bonne renommée; il est honteux de se plaindre de l'injustice du ciel; il est plus beau de s'enivrer du jus du raisin que de s'enorgueillir d'une fausse dévotion.

P 633

For good name noted 't is good and meet to be;
'T is scorn afflicted for Fate's defeat to be:
Crop-sick with the fumes of the vine-juice sweet to be
Is better than drunk with one's own conceit to be.

Th 428

'T is well indeed of good repute to be,
And shame to grieve at Heaven's tyranny;
Better o'ercome with fumes ofjuice of grapes,
Than with a zealot's self sufficiency.

Wh 383

'Tis well in reputation to abide,
'Tis shameful against heaven to rail and chide;
Still, head had better ache with over drink,
Than be puffed up with Pharisaic pride!

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