Have mercy on my feeble heart & soul
Have mercy on my bosom charged with grief
Forgive my traveling over the threshold of the tavern
Have mercy on my hand holding the wine cup.


Nic 346

Ô Dieu! sois miséricordieux pour mon pauvre cœur prisonnier; sois miséricordieux pour mon sein, susceptible de contenir Ie chagrin; pardonne à mes pieds, qui me conduisent à la taverne; pardonne à ma main, qui saisit la coupe!

P 634

O Lord, on this woeful breast of mine have mercy!
On this spirit and heart opprest of mine have mercy!
On this foot, that's the tavern's guest, of mine have mercy!
On this hand, the winecup possest, of mine have mercy!

Th 429

Lord, mercy on this captive heart bestow.
Pity this bosom overcome with woe,
O, pardon this my hand that grasps the cup,
And these my feet that to the tavern go!

Wh 384

O Lord! pity this prisoned heart, I pray,
Pity this bosom stricken with dismay!
Pardon these hands that ever grasp the cup,
These feet that to the tavern ever stray!

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