One cannot consume one's happy heart with sorrow,
nor consume the pleasure of one's life upon the touchstone;
no one is to be found who knows what is to be;
wine, and a loved one, and to repose according to one's desire, — these things are necessary.


Bodl 128

One cannot consume one’s happy heart with sorrow
Nor consume the pleasure of one’s life upon the stone of trial
He who is obliged to know what will be
Requires wine & a loved one & to repose at his sweet will.

Chr 71

We cannot consume our merry heart with grief and
tear asunder the time of our happiness against the rock of affliction.
Who knows what will happen in time? Wine is what
we need, and the beloved one and repose after satisfied desires.

Nic 344

Il ne faut point se résoudre à flétrir par Ie chagrin un cœur joyeux, à broyer sous la pierre des tourments nos instants d'allégresse. Personne ne pouvant nous dire ce qui adviendra, ce qu'il faut donc, c'est du vin, c'est une maîtresse chérie et du repos au gré de nos souhaits.

P 635

The gladsome heart behoveth with grief not wear away:
Our happy time behoveth 'gainst trouble's stones not bray:
That which for us the future reserveth who can say?
Behoveth wine and wanton and ease without affray.

Th 426

The joyous heart keep ever from despair,
Nor on the trial stone life's pleasures wear;
Since no one knows what is to be, we need
At will with wine and love to rest from care.

Wh 382

'Tis wrong with gloomy thoughts your mirth to drown, -
To let grief's millstone weigh your spirits down;
Since none can tell what is to be, 'tis best
With wine and love your heart's desires to crown.

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