My wretched afflicted & foolish heart
Is not sober from the love of my friend
The day that they gave me the wine of love
In anguish they moulded my cup


Nic 341

Mon pauvre cœur, plein de douleur et de folie, n'a pu être affranchi de l'ivresse où I'a plongé l'amour de ma bien-aimée. Oh! Ie jour où Ie vin de cet amour a été distribué, ma portion a été sans doute puisée dans Ie sang de mon cœur!

P 637

This wretched, woeful, distracted heart of mine
Is never sober from love of yon sweetheart of mine:
The day when THEY gave out the wine of loverhood,
From the blood of the liver THEY drew this part of mine.

Th 424

This poor, mad, sympathetic heart of mine,
Ne'er sober, for my sweetheart's love doth pine ;
The day the Fates poured out the wine of Love
This goblet They with my heart's blood did line.

Wh 380

This silly sorrow-laden heart of mine
Is ever pining for that Love of mine;
When the Cupbearer poured the wine of love,
With my heart's blood he filled this cup of mine!

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