Comes not shame to you from this wickedness
From this abandonment (both) of commands & prohibitions
Let us admit that the whole of the world is your empire
Save to abandon it what will you do.


Nic 335

N'as-tu pas honte de te livrer à la corruption? de négliger ainsi et les commandements et les défenses? J'admets que tu parviennes à t'approprier tous les biens de la terre, que pourras-tu en faire si ce n'est de les abandonner à ton tour?

P 642

Nay, art not ashamed this knav'ry of thine to do
And leave the commands and forbiddals Divine to do?
Nay, grant the whole world, end to end, should thy good become,
Save leave it and go, what think'st thou in fine to do?

Th 418

Have you no shame for all the sins you do,
Forbidden things, commands forsaking, too?
Suppose you gain the kingdom of the world.
What do, except to leave it then, will you?

Wh 374

Have you no shame for all the sins you do,
Sins of omission and commission, too?
Suppose you gain the world, you can but leave it,
You can not carry it away with you!

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