Hear from me oh best of old friends
Do not sorrow for this heaven without head or love
Get in search of the soul of contentment
Make the baby-game of heaven your entertainment

Nic 326

Écoute-moi, ô toi qui n'as pas vu de vieux amis! Ne t'inquièteve pas de cette roue des cieux qui n'a ni surface ni fond: contente-toi de ce que tu as, et, en paisible spectateur, observe ici-bas Ies jeux divers de la destinée des hommes.

P 644

O thou who 'rt the cream of old friends, to my counsel give ear;
Of Fortune the wayward seek nothing, for hope or for fear:
In the nook of content sit, nor draw thou Life's battlefield near,
But divert thee with gazing afar on the play of the Sphere.

Th 411

O, best of old friends ! from me do you hear.
Of this unending Heaven have no fear,
But rest you sitting in Contentment's nook,
And gaze upon the playing of the Sphere.

Wh 367

Chief of old friends! harken to what I say,
Let not heaven's treacherous wheel your heart dismay;
But rest contented in your humble nook,
And watch the games that wheel is wont to play.

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