From the revolutions of this limitless abode
Know thou that there are two kinds of “boarded domestics”
Either those who have complete knowledge of good & bad
Or those who are ignorant of themselves & of the world’s affairs


Nic 320

Si tu sais à quoi t'en tenir sur la marche de ce cercle sans fin, tu dois reconnaître deux classes d'hommes: ceux qui connaissent parfaitement son bon et son mauvais côté, et ceux qui n'ont de notion ni d'eux-mêmes ni des choses d'ici-bas.

P 653

Know, friend, that vouchsafed by the ever-revolving Sphere
To two sorts of men are fortune and favour and cheer:
Those who 've full knowledge of good and of bad and those
Of themselves and the things of the world who 're in ignorance sheer.

Th 407

Know in this endlessly revolving zone.
Two sorts of men have happiness alone.
One knowing all his good and bad and one
Neither the world's affairs nor yet his own.

Wh 363

In this eternally revolving zone,
Two lucky species of men are known;
One knows all good and ill that are on earth,
One neither earth's affairs, nor yet his own.

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