Make easy for my heart the affairs of both worlds
And hide my evil actions from people
Give me ease today & tomorrow to me
Make that which thy mercy produces.


Nic 321

Rends léger à mon cœur te poids des vicissitudes de ce monde. Cache aux humains mes actions répréhensibles. Rends-moi heureux aujourd'hui, et demain fais-moi ce que tu croiras digne de ta miséricorde.

P 659

The things of the world to my spirit light make Thou;
My ill deeds hid from the people's sight make Thou;
Hold me but merry to-day and to-morrow of me
What to Thy clemency seemeth right make Thou.

Th 408

The world's conditions to my heart make light
And hide my ill deeds from the people's sight;
Keep me but glad to-day, to-morrow then
Treat me as to Thy mercy seemeth right!

Wh 364

Make light to me the world's oppressive weight,
And hide my failings from the people's hate,
And grant me peace to-day, and on the-morrow
Deal with me as Thy mercy may dictate!

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