Oh Lord from pride of my own glory set me free again
Occupy me with thyself & set me free from myself
When I am sober I know good & bad
Make me drunk & set me free from good & bad


Nic 347

Ô Dieu! délivre-moi de ce calcul sur Ie plus ou Ie moins (des choses de ce monde), fais que je me préoccupe de toi, en m'affranchissant de moi-même. Tant que j'ai ma saine raison, Ie bien et Ie mal me sont connus: rends-moi ivre et débarrasse-moi ainsi de cette connaissance du bien et du mal.

P 660

O Lord, from grace and rejection still deliver me!
Fill me with Thee, from self and will deliver me!
Sober, of good and ill I'm conscious: make me Thou
Drunken and so from good and ill deliver me.

Th 436

O, Lord from care of more or less, free me!
O sever me from self and fill with Thee!
While sober I both good and bad know, so
Make me enrapt, from good and bad set free!

Wh 385

O Lord! from self-conceit deliver me,
Sever from self, and occupy with Thee!
This self is captive to earth's good and ill,
Make me beside myself, and set me free!

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