I have from the oppression of heaven ?
And from the revolutions of destiny beauty ?
From the eyes of (my) face, thus the cup is full of tears
And from the verdure of (my) heart thus the flagon is full of blood.


Nic 332

C'est grâce à l'iniquité de cette roue des cieux, qui ressemble à un miroir, c'est grâce au mouvement périodique de ce temps, qui n'accorde ses faveurs qu'aux plus abjects, que mes joues, creuses comme la coupe, sont inondées de larmes; et, semblable au flacon, mon cœur est plein de sang.

P 662

For all the oppression I suffer from yonder mirror-like Sphere,
My cheek as the cup is, hollow and brimmed with many a tear.
Ay, marry, for Fortune's changes, the base that fosters the base,
The heart in my breast as a flagon, with blood fulfilled, is sheer.

Th 662

From evil trifling of yon glass-like Sphere
And shifts of Time that for the base doth care,
In breast my heart a blood-filled flask I bear,
And cup-like filled my cheeks with many a tear.

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