So far as in thee lies, follow the example of the profligate,
destroy the foundations of prayer and fasting:
hear thou the Word of Truth from Omar Khayyám,
"Drink wine, rob on the highway, and be benevolent."


Bodl 123

As far as thou canst tell no tales of drunkards
Destroy the foundations of prayer and fasting,
Listen to the words of Omar Khayyam
“Drink wine, & rob on the highway but be benevolent”

Chr 57

As far as thou canst, do service to the drunkards; lay
waste the foundations of prayer and fasting.
Hear then this true word from 'Umar-i-Khayyam: "Drink
wine, be a highwayman, but do good."

Nic 327

Emploie tous tes efforts à être agréable aux buveurs; suis les bons conseils de Khévam. Ô ami! détruis les bases de la prière, celles du jeûne, bois du vin, vole (si tu veux), mais fais le bien.

P 664

Communion with any save topers forswear do thou;
Lay waste the foundations of fasting and prayer do thou.
In fine, from Kheyyam hearken thou this sage counsel, O friend:
Drink, rob, an thou wilt, but what's righteous and fair do thou!

Th 412

While you have power with drinkers seek to be.
Break down the wall of prayer and piety.
Hear from Khayyam O friend this sage advice,
Drink wine and rob, but O, show charity!

Wh 368

Hear now Khayyám's advice, and bear in mind,
Consort with revelers, though they be maligned,
Cast down the gates of abstinence and prayer,
Yea, drink, and even rob, but, oh! be kind!

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