Do not remember the day that is passed away from you
Do not impart to tomorrow that has not come
Do not think of your own coming or going
Drink wine now & do not cast your existence to the winds


F4 42

And if the Wine you drink, the Lip you press,
End in what All begins and ends in--Yes;
Think then you are TO-DAY what YESTERDAY
You were--TO-MORROW you shall not be less.

HA 42b

Remember not the day that has passed away from thee,
Be not hard upon the morrow that has not come.
Think not about thine own coming or departure.
Drink wine now, and fling not thy life to the winds.

Nic 334

Oublie le jour qui a été retranché de ton existence; ne t'inquiète pas de celui de demain, qui n'est pas encore venu; ne te repose pas sur ce qui est ou sur ce qui n'est plus; vis un instant heureux et ne jette pas ainsi ta vie au vent.

P 666

The day that is past in memory bear thou not;
Of to-morrow, that's yet to come, despair thou not;
For the things which are gone and ended care thou not;
Live merry and life to the wind let fare thou not.

Th 475

The day that's past from you bear not in mind;
The morrow to fret o'er be not inclined;
Of what has come and past rest not secure,
Live gaily now, nor cast life to the wind.

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