When your & my pure souls shall have left our bodies
They will place two bricks upon my tomb & yours
And then for the purpose of bricks for the graves of others
They will press your clay & mine into the mould


Nic 349

Lorsque mon âme et la tienne nous aurons quittés, on placera une paire de briques sur ma tombe et la tienne. Puis, pour couvrir les tombes des autres avec d'autres briques, dans Ie moule du bri-quetier on jettera ma poussière et la tienne.

P 685

When soul from body's clean passed away of me and thee,
A couple of tiles on the tombs they 'll lay of me and thee;
Then, tiles to fashion for other folk's graves, anon
In the mould of the potter they 'll press this clay of me and thee.

Th 443

When from the body our souls pass away.
To mark our tomb a pair of tiles they'll lay.
And then, for tiles for graves of other men
Within the potter's mould they '11 press our clay.

Wh 391

When life has fled, and we rest in the tomb,
They'll place a pair of bricks to mark our tomb;
And, a while after, mold our dust to bricks,
To furnish forth some other person's tomb!

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