Raise the wine cup & goblet of agreeable one
With grace & perfectness the meadow & the brink of the stream
For this what with the faces of moonfaced idols
100 times makes cups & 100 times makes goblets.


Nic 354

Prends dans tes mains la coupe, emporte la gourde, ô charme de mon cœur! et va explorer les prairies, les bords des ruisseaux, car bien des idoles, semblables à la lune par l'éclat de leurs beaux visages, ont été cent fois transformées en coupes, cent fois elle ont été des gourdes.

P 675

Take pitcher and tankard, heart's dearest, and bear
Round the meads to the marge of the stream over there,
For of many a slender-shaped, moon-visaged fair
Hath Fortune made pitchers and tankards whilere.

Th 468

“Take cup and tankard, dearest Heart," I said,
“Bear by the stream's marge round the grassy mead.
For many a slender, moon-faced fofm, Heaven's wheel
A hundred times to cups and jugs hath made."

Wh 396

"Take up thy cup and goblet, Love, " I said,
"Haunt purling river bank, and grassy glade;
Full many a moon-like form has heaven's wheel
Oft into cup, oft into goblet, made!"

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