That palace which to heaven sends up its pillars
On its threshold kings prostrated themselves
I saw that upon its battlements the dove
Uttered its cry “Where, where, where, where ?”


Chr 115

Yon castle which reared its wings heavenwards, and
in whose audience-hall kings prostrated themselves [to do homage],
on its pinnacle I saw a ring-dove sit cooing: "where?
where? where? where?"

HA 105

That palace that reared its pillars up to heaven,
Kings prostrated themselves upon its threshold;
I saw a dove that, upon its battlements,
Uttered its cry: "Where, where, where, where ?"

Nic 350

Ce château qui par sa splendeur rivalisait avec les cieux, ce château où les souverains se succédaient à l'envi, nous avons vu u ne tourterelle s'y poser et sur ses créneaux en ruine crier: "Kou kou, kou kou."

P 677

Yon palace, that rivalled heaven for high and fair,
To bow in whose gate the forehead kings wonted were,
I saw on its pinnacles seated a cushat late,
And ever, "Where, where?" she croodled; "where, where? where, where?"

Th 444

Yon palace that to Heaven towered high,
Where, forehead bowed to threshold. Kings did lie,
I saw a dove that on its battlements
Thus, “Koo, koo, koo?" ''Where are they now?"
did cry.

Wh 392

Yon palace, towering to the welkin blue,
Where kings did bow them down, and homage do,
I saw a ringdove on its arches perched,
And thus she made complaint, "Coo, Coo, Coo, Coo!"

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