I am he that came to light from your power
I have lived 100 years by thy kindness & blessing
100 years I will for a teat & will commit sin
Whether my sins or your mercy may be the greater


Nic 343

Je suis tel que m'a produit ta puissance. J'ai vécu cent ans, comblé de ta bienveillance et de tes bienfaits. Je voudrais cent ans encore commettre des péchés et voir si c'est la somme de mes fautes qui l'emporterait ou celle de ta miséricorde.

P 681

That which I am I am, O Lord, by Thy decree;
An hundred years in ease Thy grace bath fostered me;
An hundred more I fain would sin, so I might see
Whether's the more, my sin or Thine indulgency.

Th 467

That which I am, I am by Thy decree,
A hundred years Thy grace hath fostered me;
A hundred more I still would sin to learn
If my sin greater or Thy clemency.

Wh 395

Such as I am, Thy power created me,
Thy care hath kept me for a century!
Through all these years I make experiment,
If my sins or Thy mercy greater be.

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