O thou who hast remained in humbug, & whose pledge is dispersed
And who make of 2 days bread, in a trot run thou (?)
You say after death whither will you go
Bring forth wine & go wherever you like


Nic 355

C'est nous qui achetons du vin vieux et du vin nouveau, et, c'est nous qui vendons Ie monde pour deux grains d'orge. Sais-tu où tu iras après la mort? Apporte-moi du vin et va où tu voudras.

P 684

'T is we are the buyers of wine, old and new, and again,
'T is we are the sellers of Heaven for barleycoms twain!
Dost thou ask of us whither we reckon to go after death?
Set wine but before us and go wheresoever thou 'rt fain.

Th 469

Of old and new wine we are buyers, then
Sell Heaven for two tiny seeds of grain;
Would'st thou know where thou goest after death?
Set wine before me and go where thou'rt fain.

Wh 397

We buy new wine and old, our cups to fill,
And sell for two grains this world's good and ill;
Know you where you will go to after death?
Set wine before me, and go where you will!

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