If you are wise be not a slave to avarice
Be not wounded & confused in the bonds of hope
Be sharp as fire, & like running water
Do not be dispersed by every wind like dust


P 686

An thou be wise, the slave of greed and lost be not;
Prone at the foot of vain desire, like dust, be not:
Be quick as fire and eke as running water free;
Scattered abroad, like chaff, to every gust, be not.

Th 487

If thou art wise be not the slave of Greed,
Nor fallen its prey, a vain Ambition heed;
Nor be as earth's dust driven by every wind,
But keen as fire, as running water freed.

Wh 403

Let not base avarice enslave thy mind,
Nor vain ambition in its trammels bind;
Be sharp as fire, as running water swift,
Not, like earth's dust, the sport of every wind!

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