Alas ! that existence passes uselessly
Every morsel that is forbidden & with every tainted breath
Ordered things not done have made my face black
Alas for my doings which were not ordered.


Nic 375

Ô regret que la vie se soit passée en pure perte! que nos bouchées aient été illicites et nos corps souillés! J'ai la figure noire (ô Dieu!), de n'avoir pas fait ce que tu as ordonné. Que sera-ce donc d'avoir fait ce que tu n'as pas ordonné?

P 695

Alack, for life passeth and passeth in vain!
Every mouthful forbid, not a breath without stain!
God's commands unaccomplished have blackened my face;
And alack, for things done which He did not ordain.

Th 526

Alas! that this my life has passed in vain,
Forbid each mouthful, no thought free from stain;
My face made black by God's commands undone,
Alas ! for deeds that He did not ordain!

Wh 418

Alas! my wasted life has gone to wrack!
What with forbidden meats, and lusts, alack!
And leaving undone what 'twas right to do,
And doing wrong, my face is very black!

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