Where is the ruby lips, that ruby of Badakhshan ?
That sustenance of the soul & life supporting satisfaction, where ?
They say that it is unlawful for Moslems
Go drink wine & do not grieve—where is there a Moslem ?


Nic 357

Oh! où est donc celle dont les lèvres sont de rubis, où donc cette pierre précieuse de Bèdèkhehan? Où est ce vin plein de parfum qui donne Ie repos à l'âme? On dit que la religion de I'islam le défend: bois, ami, et n'aie aucune crainte, car où vois-tu I'islam?

P 678

That ruby of Bedekhshan, that jacinth-lipped fair, where is it?
That fragrant-breathed life of the soul and charmer of care, where is it?
Wine, what though they tell us, indeed, that in Islam by law 't is forbidden,
Diink, drink thou and reck not of care! As for Islam, where, where is it?

Th 608

Where 's Badakhshan's red lip, that ruby rare?
That fragrant wine which frees the soul from care?
They say “Wine is forbidden Mussulmans."
Drink then! nor grieve! The Mussulman is where?

Wh 399

Bring forth that ruby gem of Badakhshán,
That heart's delight, that balm of Turkestán;
They say 'tis wrong for Mussulmáns to drink,
But ah! where can we find a Mussulmán?

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