Thou hast spread an imprint upon my existence
Thou hast brought forth 400 wonders from me
I cannot be from that better than this
Than what you poured down thus from my crucible


F4 79

What! from his helpless Creature be repaid
Pure Gold for what he lent him dross-allay'd---
Sue for a Debt he never did contract,
And cannot answer--Oh the sorry trade!

Nic 380

Tu as imprimé à notre être (ô Dieu!) une bien singulière fantasmagorie (d'inconséquences) et tu en fais surgir de bien étranges phénomènes. Je ne puis, moi, être meilleur que je ne suis, car tu m'as retiré tel quel du creuset (de la création).

P 354

Since my clay in the mould first kneaded about have THEY
And after commixed with trouble and doubt have THEY,
God wotteth I cannot be better than that which I am,
For me on this wise from the cruzet poured out have THEY.

Th 528

This is the form Thou gav'st my being, Lord!
And there a hundred marvels dost record;
I cannot better be than this since Thou
Forth from Thy crucible me thus hast poured.

Wh 421

This is the form Thou gavest me of old,
Wherein Thou workest marvels manifold;
Can I aspire to be a better man,
Or other than I issued from Thy mold?

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