Suppose the world satisfies your wishes what is the upshot ?
Suppose the book of life to be read, what is the upshot ?
We will suppose that you abide in the desire of your heart 100 years
Suppose another 100 years to have attained, what is the upshot ?


Nic 372

Suppose que tu aies vécu dans ce monde au gré de tes désirs; eh bien! après? Figure-toi que la fin de tes jours est arrivée; eh bien! après? J'admets que tu aies vécu durant cent ans entouré de tout ce que ton cœur a pu désirer, imagine à ton tour que tu aies cent autres années à vivre; eh bien! après?

P 715

The world to thy heart's wish sped suppose; what then?
The book of existence read suppose; what then?
An hundred years take it thou 'st lived to thy heart's content
And an hundred more yet unfled suppose; what then ?

Th 523

Suppose the world to your wish goes, what then?
And this life's volume read suppose, what then?
I take it that you live a hundred years,
Another hundred add to those, what then?

Wh 415

Suppose the world goes well with you, what then?
When life's last page is read and turned, what then?
Suppose you live a hundred years of bliss,
Yea, and a hundred years besides, what then?

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