We are being friends with thy forgiveness
And from obedience & disobedience we are ruined
There where thy mercy is let it be
Not done as done, & done as not done


Nic 379

C'est nous qui avons confiance en la bonté divine, qui nous soustrayons au sentiment de l'obéissance et du péché; car où ta bienveillance existe (ô Dieu!), celui qui n'a rien fait est l'égal de celui qui a fait.

P 722

Committed our souls to the trust of the Merciful One are;
Free from thought of transgression and care of obedience we won are;
For there where Thy grace, O my God, and Thy favour obtaineth,
The done things are as the undone, the undone as the done are.

Th 527

We stay here trusting in Thy grace alone
Apart from sin or merit of our own.
For where Thy mercy is, it may be that,
Not done as done is, done is as not done.

Wh 420

We rest our hopes on Thy free grace alone,
Nor seek by merits for our sins to atone;
Mercy drops where it lists, and estimates
Ill done as undone, good undone as done.

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