O not-doer of good, you having done only ill things
And then having made friends with the mercy of God
Do not rely upon forgiveness for he will not let you account to him
Not done as done & done as not done


Nic 361

Ô toi qui n'as point fait le bien, mais qui as fait le mal, et qui ensuite as cherché un refuge auprès de la Divinité! garde-toi de jamais t'appuyer sur Ie pardon, car celui qui n'a rien fait ne res-semble pas plus à celui qui a péché que celui qui a péché ne ressemble à celui qui na rien fait.

P 724

O thou who hast ill galore, but good deeds none done,
And thus, of thy trust in the grace of the Merciful One, done,
I counsel thee, count not on pardon, for never yet
Did undone as done and done things become as undone.

Th 515

You, who have not done good but ill alone.
Thus trusting in God's favor to atone;
Do not on pardon rest, for never yet
Was done as undone, nor undone as done.

Wh 406

O thou who hast done ill, and ill alone,
And thinkest to find mercy at the throne,
Hope not for mercy! for good left undone
Can not be done, nor evil done undone!

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