O (thou) who hast gone & come again & become twisted
Thy end is that from among men thou has disappeared
(Thy) nails have grown together & become a hoof
(Thy) beard has come behind thy codex & is become a tail


P 717

O thou that hast gone and come back, crookbacked and pale become,
Thy name among men all lost, like dust on the gale, become,
Thy fingers together grown and hoofs, toe and nail, become,
Thy beard sprouted forth of thy breech and like to a tail become.

Th 529

O, thou hast gone, and bent come back again,
Thy name is lost forever among men.
Thy nails together grown as hoofs become,
Behind, thy beard a tail is growing then!

Wh 423

With going to and fro in this sad vale
Thou art grown double, and thy credit stale,
Thy nails are thickened like a horse's hoof,
Thy beard is ragged as an ass’s tail.

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