Since my friend the Saki knows my qualities
The Saki will find a hundred kinds of each sort
When I am sad he gives wine of his own accord
And the Saki transgresses all my limitations.


P 843

Since that my kind especial knoweth the skinker,
An hundred bolts of all sorts [on me] draweth the skinker:
Whenas I flag,lo! wine, on her own account, until
She bringeth me back to myself bestoweth the skinker.

Th 847

Since Saki knows my sort especially,
He draws a hundred kinds of subtlety,
When I pause he gives wine of his own wont
And by the limit of myself brings me!


The Sáki knows my genus properly,
To all woe's species he holds a key;
Whene'er my mood is sad he brings me wine,
And that makes all the difference to me!

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