It is the time of dawn and cock-crow O Saki
Here are we & the wine & the street of the vintners, O Saki
What time is this for devotion, be silent O Saki,
Let be the traditions & grief, & drink O Saki.


F4 3

And, as the Cock crew, those who stood before
The Tavern shouted--"Open then the Door!
"You know how little while we have to stay,
"And, once departed, may return no more."

HA 3b

It is the hour for the morning draught, and the cockcrow, O Sákí,
Here are we, and the wine, and the street of the vintners, O Sákí,
What time is this for devotions? Be silent, O Sákí,
Let be the traditions, and drink to the dregs, O Sákí.

Nic 454

Voici le moment de boire le vin du matin; le bruit se fait entendre, ô échanson! nous voilà prêts, ô échanson! voici du vin, voilà la taverne. Un semblable moment pourrait-il être pour la prière? Silence, ô échanson! laisse là tes discours sur la tradition, sur la dévotion; bois, ô échanson!

P 737

'T is the hour of the moming-draught and the Cry, O skinker!
For wine and the winesellers' street am I, O skinker!
A truce to thy prate of devotion! Fill high, O skinker!
Let piety go and the winecup ply, O skinker!

Th 590

'T is hour of dawn-draught and of cry, Saki!
Here in the vintners' street am I, Saki!
What place for piety is this? Peace! Drink!
Traditions leave! Devotion fly! Saki!

Wh 483

'Tis dawn! I hear the loud Muezzin's call,
And here am I before the vintner's hall;
This is no time of piety Be still!
And drop your talk and airs devotional!

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