Since there is existence (only) & (therefore) we must hurry O Saki
Place pure wine in my hand, O Saki
It is the time of the dawn-drink, the caravan reaches the door;
Give wine for the sun rises O Saki


P 738

Since now 't is the Prime and the youth of the year, O skinker,
Come, prithee, the winecup in hand give here, O skinker!
'T is the hour of the dawn-draught; I've clapped the bolt on the door:
Give wine, for the sun to the rising is near, O skinker!

Th 457

O, Saki, since youth's season has begun,
Do thou the wine-cup place my palm upon ;
The hour of dawn-draught 'tis, I've locked the door,
O boy, give wine ! for risen is the sun!

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