How long of Yasin & Barat O Saki
Write a draft on the wine-house O Saki
The day that they present my draft at the tavern (for payment)
That day will be better than the night of Barat O Saki.



How long [this talk] about Yá Sin and Barát, o Sáqí?
Draw a draft (barát) on the wine-house, o Sáqí.
The day on which they give us a permit (barát) for
the wine-house, that day will be better than the night of Barát, o Sáqí.

Nic 415

Jusques à quand parleras-tu de Yassïn et de Bèrat, ô échanson? Donne-moi une traite sur la taverne, ô échanson! Le jour où elle y sera portée, ce jour-là sera pour moi la nuit du Bèrat, ô échanson!

P 742

Of Ya Sín and Berát I prithee prate not, O skinker!
On the tavern come write me a billet for scot, O skinker!
The day in the inn when they quarter me free of payment
Were better for me than the Night of the Lot, O skinker!

Th 564

O'er Yasin and Barat why Saki, fight?
The draft Barat within some winehouse, write!
The day our lot is in the tavern cast,
That day, boy, shall be as Barat's great night!

Wh 454

Why argue on Yásin and on Barát?
Write me the draft for wine they call Barát!
The day my weariness is drowned in wine
Will seem to me as the great night Barát!

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