O Pot ! give out water if you are sober
How long will you inflict scars upon the clay of man
The finger of Feridun & the hand of Kai Khosru
You have placed on your wheel—what are you thinking about ?


F4 38

And has not such a Story from of Old
Down Man's successive generations roll'd
Of such a clod of saturated Earth
Cast by the Maker into Human mould?

Nic 395

Ô potier! sois attentif, si tu possèdes la saine raison; jusques à quand aviliras-tu l'homme en pétrissant sa boue? C'est Ie doigt de Féridoun, c'est la main de Kéy-Khosrov que tu mets ainsi sur ta roue. Oh! à quoi penses-tu donc?

P 763

Look what thou dost, O potter, an thou be prudent! Nay,
How long wilt thou this fashion do outrage on men's clay?
The hand of Feridoun, ay, and the bead of Kei
Upon the wheel Thou settest! Of what, then, think'st thou, pray?

Th 547

Potter! if prudent, let your hand be stayed!
How long will you the clay of man degrade ?
Of what think you ? thus setting on your wheel
Feridun's fingers and Kai Khosrau's head!

Wh 437

Ah, potter, stay thine hand! with ruthless art
Put not to such base use man's mortal part!
See, thou art mangling on thy cruel wheel
Farídun's fingers, and Kai Khosrau's heart!

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