If the whole universe should roll into the street like a ball
You will find me drunk & fallen in ruins
Yesterday they pawned me at the tavern
And the vintner said “A fine pledge you are !”


Nic 442

(Je l'ai déjà dit), Ie monde entier, semblable á une boule, roulerait dans un creux que, lorsque je dors ivre-mort, je ne m'en soucierais pas plus que si j'y voyais rouler un grain d'orge. Hier au soir je me suis laissé mettre en gage dans la taverne pour une coupe de vin. Le marchand de vin ne cessait de dire: "Ô l'excellent gage que je tiens là!"

P 837

If the World-All, what while I am drunken and drowsed with wine,
Should roll in the ditch, like a ball, 't were no matter of mine:
In the tavern, last night. they held me in pawn for my scot
And the tavemer muttered, "Fore heaven, the pledge is fine!"

Th 581

If Earth rolled in the gutter like a ball,
When drunk and drowsed, a grain I 'd rate it all.
Last night they pawned me at the inn for wine,
"A fine pledge thou I" the taverner did call.

Wh 474

If, like a ball, earth to my house were borne,
When drunk, I'd rate it at a balrley-corn;
Last night they offered me in pawn for wine,
But the rude vintner laughed that pledge to scorn.

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