Being helpless with wine & drunkenness is my business
Why in heaven’s name should people abuse me ?
O would that every holy man would get drunk
That I might not see any sobriety in the world.


Nic 387

Oui, je me suis trouvé en relation avec Ie vin, avec I'ivresse. Mais pourquoi Ie monde m'en blâme-t-il? Oh! plût à Dieu que tlout ce qui est illicite produisît l'ivresse! Car alors jamails ici-bas je n'aurais vu I'ombre de la saine raison.

P 747

There 's a point whereanent I am ever in doubt and stress,
Why folk for intoxication to blame me profess:
Would God all ill actions intoxication produced,
So ne' er in this world I might look on soberness!

Th 537

Though I am wont with wine enrapt to be,
Why should the people ever censure me?
Would that all things forbidden made men drunk.
For ne'er on earth I 'd see sobriety.

Wh 430

Though I am wont a wine-bibber to be,
Why should the people rail and chide at me?
Would that all evil actions made men drunk,
For then no sober people should I see!

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