I made my way into the workshop of a potter
In the shadow of the wheel I saw that the master with his feet
Made goblets & jars, handles & covers
Out of the skulls of kings & the feet of beggars.


Chr 117

In the work-shop of a potter I grew meditative. I saw
the master with his foot on the treadle of the wheel.
Boldly he prepared for the jar handle and neck from
the skulls of kings and the feet of beggars.

F4 38

And has not such a Story from of Old
Down Man's successive generations roll'd
Of such a clod of saturated Earth
Cast by the Maker into Human mould?

HA 38a

I pondered over the workshop of a potter;
In the shadow of the wheel I saw that the master, with his feet,
Made handles and covers for goblets and jars,
Out of the skulls of kings and the feet of beggars.

Nic 431

Je suis entré dans l'atelier d'un potier. J'y ai vu I'ouvrièr auprès de sa roue, activement occupé à mouler des goulots et des anses de cruches, les unes formées de têtes de rois et les autres de pieds de mendiants.

P 750

At the shop of a potter I halted in thought;
The master at work, foot on treadle, I caught:
From the foot of the beggar and head of the king
Lids and handles for tankards and gugglets he wrought.

Th 573

A potter in his shop I paused to greet,
And saw the master, foot on wheel, complete
Covers and handles for his pots and jars
Wrought from the heads of kings and beggars' feet!

Wh 466

It chanced into a potter's shop I strayed,
He turned his wheel and deftly plied his trade,
And out of monarchs' heads, and beggars' feet,
Fair heads and handles for his pitchers made!

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