For heaven’s sake take heed now whilst you can,
Lift a load from the minds of the excellent
For this vain world will not last for anyone
One day everything will pass out of your power


Nic 434

Sois attentive, amie, et, pendant que tu es encore à mê de Ie faire, allége la douleur d'un cœur aimant, car ce royaume de grâces que tu possèdes ne durera pas toujours; semblable à tant d'autres tu en seras inopinément dépouillée!

P 769

Beware! Whilst thou mayest, O fair, awhile,
Look the hearts of thy lovers thou spare awhile;
For this queendom of beauty abideth not aye;
From thy hand it will go all at once ere a while.

Th 575

Take every care. Beloved, while yet you may.
The heart's grief of your lover to allay.
This queendom of your charms lasts not for aye,
But all at once slips from your hands away.

Wh 469

O Love! while yet you can, with tender art,
Lift sorrow's burden from your lover's heart;
Your wealth of graces will not always last,
But slip from your possession, and depart!

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