O Heart ! when you sat at the banquet of the loved one
You were rapt from yourself, & remained there
When you drank a draught from the ignoble cup
You became independent of those who are & are not.


Nic 386

Ô mon cœur quand tu es admis à t'asseoir au banquet de cette idole (la Divinité), c'est que tu es sorti de toi-même pour rentrer en toi-même. Lorsque tu as gouté une gorgée du vin du néant, tu es entièrement séparé de ceux qui sont et de ceux qui ne sont plus.

P 756

O heart, since thou sat'st at the banquet of yonder fair,
Thyself thou hast severed from self and joined to her:
Since thou drank'st of Annihilation's cup, thou 'rt free
Of existence and non-existence and both worlds' care.

Th 536

When at the Loved One's feast, O Heart, you sit.
Severed from self, you 're joined to Self complete.
And when you drain the mortal cup, you are
Of Being and Non-being wholly quit!

Wh 429

O heart! when on the Loved One's sweets you feed,
You lose yourself, but find your Self indeed;
And, when you drink of His entrancing cup,
You hasten your escape from quick and dead!

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