Hidden sometimes, you show your face to none
Sometimes you appear in the forms of created beings
You exhibit this spectacle to yourself
Yourself the spectator & yourself the spectacle.


F4 52

A moment guess'd--then back behind the Fold
Immerst of Darkness round the Drama roll'd
Which, for the Pastime of Eternity,
He doth Himself contrive, enact, behold.

HA 52

Hidden sometimes thou shewest thy face to none,
Sometimes thou appearest in the forms of created beings,
Thou exhibitest this spectacle to thyself.
Thou art thyself both the real thing seen and the spectator.

Nic 443

Tantôt tu es caché, ne te manifestant à personne; tantôt tu te découvres dans toutes les choses créées. C'est pour toi-même sans doute et pour ton plaisir que tu produis ces merveilleux effets, car tu es à la fois et l'essence du spectacle qu'on voit et ton propre spectateur.

P 757

Whiles, hiding Thyself, Thy face Thou showest to none
And whiles Thou appearest in all things under the sun:
Thyself to Thyself Thou manifestest, for Thou
Art object of vision and vision's self in one.

Th 582

Sometimes concealed, Thou show'st Thy face to none,
Again Thou dost existent forms put on;
This splendor to Thyself Thou dost reveal,
Thou art spectator, spectacle in one!

Wh 475

Now in thick clouds Thy face Thou dost immerse,
And now display it in this universe;
Thou the spectator, Thou the spectacle,
Sole to Thyself Thy glories dost rehearse.

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