I smote the glass goblet upon a stone last night
I must have been drunk to do so vulgar a thing
The cup said to me in mystic language
“I was like thee & thou also wilt be like me.


Bodl 146

I smote the glass wine-cup upon a stone last night,
my head was turned that I did so base a thing;
the cup said to me in mystic language,
"I was like thee, and thou also wilt be like me."

Chr 36

Against the stone, last night, I flung the wine-bowl of
faience. I was drunk when I did that brutal action.
The bowl said to me in the language of bowls: 'I was
what thou art, thou also shall be what I am."

Nic 404

Hier au soir j'ai brisé contre une pierre la coupe en fäience. J'étais ivre en commettant cet acte d'insensé. Cette coupe semblait me dire: "J'ai été semblable à toi, tu seras à ton tour semblable à moi."

P 758

Yestereven the mug on the stones I did strike
(I was drunk when I did this unmannerly trick).
To me' quoth the mug with the tongue of the case:
"I was. once like to thee; thou wilt yet be my like."

Th 554

Last night the cup I dashed against a stone.
Base was the act, my head with wine was flown.
The cup cried out to me in mystic tone,
“I was like thee, my case will be thine own."

Wh 446

Last night I dashed my cup against a stone,
In a mad drunken freak, as I must own,
And lo! the cup cries out in agony,
"You too, like me, shall soon be overthrown."

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