Man is like a goblet & his soul is like wine,
Thy body is like a flute & thou art the sound in it,
Knowest thou Khayyam what earthy man is,
A magic lantern with a lamp in it


F4 68

We are no other than a moving row
Of Magic Shadow-shapes that come and go
Round with the Sun-illumined Lantern held
In Midnight by the Master of the Show;

P 842

Mankind as a gugglet is and the soul as wine;
The body's a pipe, wherein is a voice Divine:
Nay, knowest thou truly what earthly man is, Kheyyam ?
A Chinese lantern, wherein it a lamp a-shine.

Th 598

A flask is man, the soul as liquor bright,
A pipe the heart, the voice therein, the sprite.
Know you what man of clay is, O, Khayyam?
A magic lantern, and in it a light!

Wh 491

Man is a cup, his soul the wine therein,
Flesh is a pipe, spirit the voice within;
O Khayyam, have you fathomed what man is?
A magic lantern with a light therein!

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