Oh heaven you fill my heart with vexation
And you tear my garment of joy
Whatever wind reaches me you turn it into water
And the water I drink you turn to dust in my mouth


Nic 393

Ô roue des cieux! tu remplis constamment mon cœur de tristesse. Tu paralyses en moi Ie germe de la joie, tu transformes en eau l'air qui vient rafraîchir mon corps, tu changes en terre, dans ma bouche, l'eau pure que je bois!

P 753

O Fortune, my heart still miscontent thou makest;
The shirt of my joyance in sunder y-rent thou makest;
The air me that fanneth to fire and the water I drink
To dust in my mouth, incontinent, thou makest.

Th 542

O, Sphere ! you still do thwart my heart's desire.
And rend apart my festival attire,
You turn to dust the water I would drink,
The air wafted to me you change to fire.

Wh 435

O wheel of heaven, you thwart my heart's desire,
And rend to shreds my scanty joy's attire,
The water that I drink you foul with earth,
And turn the very air I breathe to fire!

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