Gaze as I may upon all sides
There is heavenly verdure and the stream Kausar,
The desert becomes like heaven, thou mayst say hell has disappeared
Sit thou then in heaven with a heavenly faced one.


Bodl 151

Gaze as I may on all sides,
in the garden flows a stream from the river Kausar,
the desert becomes like heaven, thou mayst say hell has disappeared,
sit thou then in heaven with one heavenly-faced.

Chr 18

As often as ever I gaze on all sides, there flows in the
garden a stream of the waters of Kawthar.
The desert is become like Paradise. Speak not of Hell. Sit
down in [this] paradise with a being with a paradisaic face.


Partout où je porte les yeux, je crois voir Ie gazon du paradis, Ie ruisseau du Kooucer. On dirait que la plaine, sortie de l'enfer, c'est transformée en un séjour céleste. Repose-toi donc dans ce séjour cé-leste auprès d'une céleste beauté.

P 765

In what quarter soever I look, everywhere,
Lo, Paradise green and rill Kauthir are there!
Of Hell, since the world is grown Heaven, speak ne' er;
In Paradise sit with an angel-faced fair.

Th 567

Behold where'er I look, lo! everywhere
Heaven's verdure springs and Kausar's stream is there;
And wastes as Heaven are; Hell is gone, you'd say;
Sit in this Heaven then with a Heaven faced fair.

Wh 459

Behold, where'er we turn our ravished eyes,
Sweet verdure springs, and crystal Kausars rise;
And plains, once bare as hell, now smile as heaven:
Enjoy this heaven with maids of Paradise!

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