O World you avow your actions
In the monastery of tyranny & oppression you make a retreat
You give blessings to the vile and pain to anyone
It is not outside one of these two, stupidity or dotage.



P 768

O Fortune, exultant in that thou hast done,
In the church of oppression still-worshipping one,
To the base thou giv'st wealth, to the worthy chagrin,
And without these two sorts, pearl or potsherd, there 's none.

Th 603

O Fortune! in thine acts confessed to be
Within Oppression's cell a devotee.
Thou givest base men wealth, the good unrest,
Save these two is nor pearl nor pottery.

Wh 495

Dame Fortune! all your acts and deeds confess
That you are foul oppression's votaress;
You cherish bad men, and annoy the good;
Is this from dotage, or sheer foolishness?

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