I took an omen from the book of existence
(When) suddenly from his burning breast a Master of the Times
Said “O happy is he who has in his mind
A friend like the moon and a night long as a year.


Nic 401

Pendant que je tirais I'horoscope du livre de l'amour, tout à coup, du cœur brûlant d'un sage sortirent ces mots: "Heureux celui qui en sa demeure possède une amie belle comme la lune, et qui a en perspective une nuit longue comme une année!"

P 721

From all that's not wine to get thee away is best;
To drink from the hand of a Turcoman may is best:
Winebibbing, Caléndership, going-astray, is best;
From the Moon to the Fish, one draught, by my fay, is best.

Th 512

'T is best all things save grape-juice to forego.
That best, pavilion beauties' hands bestow,
A Kalender best, drinking, wand'ring free,
A wine-draught 's best from Moon to Fish below!

Wh 443

'Tis best all other blessings to forego
For wine, that charming Turki maids bestow;
Kalendars' raptures pass all things that are,
From moon on high down into fish below!

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