Oh Lord ! open for me the door of good fortune
Provide me with a home without making an obligation of it
Keep me so drunk with wine
That I may be ignorant even of my own headache


Nic 458

Dieu! ouvre-moi une porte de tes bienfaits. Fais-moi parvenir mon pot-au-feu, afin que je n'en sois par redevable à tes créatures; oh! rends-moi ivre de vin, au point qu'affranchi de toute connaissance mes tourments de tête disparaissent.

P 784

Lord, open Thou on me a door of daily bread!
Without recourse to men, let me of Thee be fed!
Hold Thou me drunk with wine on such a sort that!
May for unconsciousness escape an aching head!

Th 594

Lord, ope to me the door of daily bread!
Without men's aid into Thy presence lead!
Keep me so flown with Thine own wine, that I
From witlessness have not an aching head!

Wh 487

Lord! make thy bounty's cup for me to flow,
And bread unbegged for day by day bestow;
Yea, with thy wine make me beside myself
No more to feel the headache of my woe!

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